As it is now August one of the most important jobs in our orchard in Llanblethian is checking on this years harvest to ensure we have enough crop and determine what fruit needs to be sourced elsewhere.


From looking at what we have available it’s going to be a terrific season for perry with a great selection of varieties to choose from. Some of my larger trees such as Butt have never fruited before and are covered this year. I can’t wait to see how the perry turns out 🙂

Butt is famous for the length of time needed between picking and pressing for the fruit to reach optimum ripeness. The old saying goes:

“Gather your Butts one year, mill  them the next, and drink the year after.”

Fingers crossed it doesnt take that long!


Apples are noticeably down this year sadly with a large June drop due to the dry weather. A lot of the old varieties are biennial as well so last years big fruiters are having a break this year. Bittersweets are especially down so I will have to source more from my other orchards this year.

Photos of our orchard on 3rd August 2018


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