Llanblethian Orchards 2019 Barn open days poster

Barn 2019 open days are a go!

Barn open day number 2 customers Llanblethian orchard south wales

Although it doesnt look like it, Spring is on the march. That means it won’t be long until we start hosting our cider open days again, yay!

As you can see form the poster we have a bigger shedule of events for 2019. By request we have listed all the dates for 2019 in one go so people can plan ahead. We’re currently working hard at the barn preparing for the 2019 events.

What's new at the cider barn for 2019

For 2019 our aim is bigger and better. 2018 was our first effort to have events at the barn. After running them we spotted several parts of the site that could do with improvement. Namely:

Let there be light

Last year we had no lights on the barn so when it got dark, it REALLY got dark! This year we have installed lights all around our barn to both light the pad up and the parking spaces.

As well as the barn lights we are working towards setting up some uplights to illuminate some of our apple trees at night to create a magical orchard experience 🙂

Dig for victory

We’re remodelling around the barn to open the area up and make it join the rest of the orchard better.

We’re currently digging up and moving the raised beds by the barn. They look rather nice where they are now 🙂 Then the metal shed will then be moved.

Finally a small block wall will be build along the edge fo the pad with more lights installed.

As well as opening the area up it will also keep the pad a bit cleaner. The pad is lower than the surrounding land and im getting sick of removing the encroaching soil!

Campfires are awsome

Campfire spot at Llanblethian Orchard

Do you love camfires? I do too 🙂 One thing the site lacks is a nice space to sit around a fire at night and have a chat.

The back left corner of the image looks nice for a campfire doesnt it?

Im currently sourcing reclaimed bricks and I plan to build a nice brick and stone fire pit at the back of the orchard and put the wooden seats around it.

It will take some time to build so I expect it’ll be done in May/June some point.

We're not just upgrading the site either

As well as the site we are also raising the game with the ciders and pizzas, more information in due course. Just think more craft fizz and more Italian style pizzas 😀


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